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Advanced Antibody Core

The Advanced Antibody Core is funded by the CRUK City of London Centre based at the Francis Crick Institute. The development of biological therapies requires the ability to detect specific biological targets in the tissue of animal tumour models. Our aim is to create a technical resource for the CoL Centre laboratories, comprising staining protocols, working antibodies and analysis options for multiplexed imaging techniques.

Imaging mass cytometry picture obtained by the team showing a murine oral squamous carcinoma. It illustrates four different components of the tumour microenvironment. Yellow-cytokeratin, cyan-CD45, magenta-αSMA, white collagen. Scale bar is 100 µm.


Zoe Ramsden
Zoe RamsdenLaboratory Research Scientist


Shared resource of working antibody clones and conditions for multiplexed imaging of murine tumours. In preparation. Please contact Zoe Ramsden if interested in a provisional working version, or if you would like to collaborate.

We do not offer this service ourselves. However, if you are interested in analysing multiplexed images we can put you in contact with groups that can help. Additionally, we are looking into organising training. Please contact Zoe Ramsden for more details.

Additional information

  • Imaging Mass Cytometry staining for FFPE (In preparation)

Academic Lead

Erik Sahai
Erik SahaiSenior Group Leader