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Post-Doc Fellowships Available:

Each fellowship is open for applications at varying times. Please check this page for regular updates.

Lead Supervisor: Professor Simona Parrinello (UCL); Secondary Supervisor: Dr Simon Boulton (Crick)

We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic senior research fellow with a strong publication track record to join the radiation resistance team within the Parrinello laboratory at the UCL Cancer Institute. The post holder will study the role of cancer stem cell plasticity in glioblastoma radio-resistance, with the ultimate goal of developing more effective treatments for patients.

The post holder will be expected to make significant contributions to the development of screening platforms for radiosensitiser compounds, based on novel differentiation therapies and they will also produce independent and original research to define the molecular basis of cancer stem cell differentiation and dedifferentiation in the context of radiation.

Applications are now closed.

Lead Supervisor: Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke (QMUL); Secondary Supervisor: Dr Erik Sahai (Crick)

Applications are sought for a scientist to undertake research investigations to better understand the control of cancer growth and spread by tumour blood vessels with radiotherapy efficacy.
Using a combination of radiotherapy, endothelial cell modulation with state-of-the-art in vivo imaging of tumour and stromal components this project will determine the value of vessel and angiocrine modulation strategies in improving radiotherapy for the improved treatment of cancer and elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying these effects. The project will build upon our existing expertise in models of both lung and head and neck cancers.

Application deadline: 25th October 2020

Please see advert here.

Lead Supervisor: Professor Tony Ng (KCL); Secondary Supervisors: Dr Mark Gaze (UCLH) & Anthony Kong (KCL)

Applications are now closed.

Lead Supervisor: Professor Gary Royle (UCL); Secondary Supervisor: Professor Jasmin Fisher (UCL)

We are seeking a scientist with a strong publication track record to join the computational radiation oncology team. The successful candidate will work with both the Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering division and the Cancer Institute, in accordance with the truly mulit-disciplinary nature of the role. Our mission is to develop better personalised treatment to improve the outcome for cancer patients.

The post holder will be expected to make significant contributions to the development of computational models to aid discovery and/or clinical translation within subject areas that directly impact radioptherapy. This could involve data discovery, data analysis, computational modelling, outcome prediction and experimental validation in partnership with our experimental and clinical collaborators.

Applications are now closed.