Scientific strategy and themes

The recently established CRUK CoL Centre Radiation Research Unit aims to improve cancer survival by optimising and personalising radiotherapy. This unit involves all CoL Centre partners and forms part of a larger UK wide radiation network funded by CRUK.

Our research focus is predicated on the view that cancer cure by radiotherapy can be improved with a detailed understanding of tumour radiation resistance and non-target toxicities, precise targeting of the tumour and combinations with new radio-sensitizers (e.g. DNA repair inhibitors) and immunotherapy agents. These three core themes, will be supported by large-scale data collation, analysis and predictive computation, and feed into an accelerated translation pipeline.

The City of London Centre Radiation Research Unit focuses on Radiation Resistance, Radiation Combinations and Targeting and Technology.

These are supported by, and feed into, two cross-cutting themes: Outcomes & Risk Predictions and Clinical Translation.

Applications for 2021 RadNet PhD studentships are now closed