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Our Vision 

Vision – A CRUK Centre of Excellence in Biotherapeutics

Biotherapies delivered as part of a multimodal/combinatorial approach have the potential to dramatically change cancer therapy and management. The CRUK City of London Centre vision is to be at the forefront of cancer biotherapeutics in the UK and internationally, providing leadership for the wider CRUK Centres network.

The CRUK City of London Centre partners have contributed significantly to the field of intra-tumour heterogeneity and cancer evolution, elaborating its clinical significance and the unique challenges it poses for therapy of a dynamic tumour and its microenvironment. The CRUK City of London Centre will develop innovative biological therapies and diagnostics/stratification strategies working from an evolutionary and immunological perspective. We will explore the interplay between biological and other precision therapies to develop novel, potent and selective therapeutic combination approaches.


Through its platform-based approach the CRUK City of London Centre aims at becoming a CRUK-wide focus for the development, manufacture and precision application of biological therapies.

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