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Zellscanner One Imaging Platform

The Zellscanner One is a fluorescence-based system that provides a non-sample consuming alternative to “limitless” marker interrogation. Termed “Chip Cytometry”, single cell and whole tissue samples can be loaded onto a chip – the latter via section-on-coverslip attachment. This enclosed chamber then acts as a live biorepository, providing Ab staining and washing via dropwise flowthrough. Samples stained for 20+ markers via reiterative multi-plex (up to 5-plex) stain-wash-photo bleach cycles, and then stored with marker preservation of up to two years. This non-destructive analysis allows for many reinterrogations of the same sample.

Other key features of the apparatus include; High Dynamic Resolution Imaging (0.5 μm per pixel, 8 log dynamic range), Net FL Autofluorescence omission, integrated analysis workspace and ROI manipulation for rare events.

Picture of Zellscanner equipment beside a linked up PC.


Joseph Hartlebury
Joseph HartleburyResearch Assistant

Academic Lead

Professor John Marshall
Professor John MarshallProfessor of Tumour Biology

Zellscanner One

Interrogate both frozen and FFPE tissue sections with an optimised panel of antibodies tailored for immunophenotyping and tumour characterisation.

  • 1392 x 1040 pixels high-sensitivity greyscale camera
  • 20 x 0.8 NA very light sensitive Zeiss Apochromat Objective (0.5 μm per pixel)
  • HDR Imaging – 32-bit – 4.3 billion greyscale values (8 log data linearity)
  • “Whole slide scanning” – 2×1 cm object “window”
  • Integrated Analysis Workspace – distance metrics, R-based processing, linear expression values
  • 3rd Party Software Compatibility / Exports (FCS/CSV, TIFF/PNG, OME.TIFF)
  • Open reagent Platform


Zellscanner system allows for the illumination of over 20 markers, providing access to simultaneous structural/cellular/functional/signalling data for your chosen sample. Currently developing panels against frozen and FFPE Mouse tissue. Contact Joseph Hartlebury for more details and access.

For specialised markers not included in the preliminary Ab panel, external Abs purchased by the user can be optimised via the principle operator, ready for use in the Zellscanner Imaging System. Contact Joseph Hartlebury for more details and access.

Can provide 1 on 1 or group workshops taking individuals through the benefits and drawbacks of both integrated and external-3rd party analysis pipelines (including Visiopharm, Cell profiler & HistoCAT). This will include provide basic training on how these pipelines are set up – key features and functions.

Internal analysis workshops must be booked in advance. Contact Joseph Hartlebury for more details and access.