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Call For RadNet Spring 2020 Seed Fund

Info for Applicants

We are delighted to announce our Spring 2020 seed funding call to pump-prime and support collaborative groups who are tackling the major challenges in radiobiology and radio-oncology. Out strategic priority is to stimulate collaborative, translational research and support cross-institutional, radiation-based pilot projects. Key points are:

  • Up to 5 Development Fund awards for up to £25,000 are available
  • Projects are expected to commence in May 2020
  • Applications are now closed

For more information on RadNet activity, please visit our webpage: https://colcc.co.uk/radnet/

The RadNet CoL RRU brings together researchers from UCL, QMUL, KCL and the Francis Crick Institute in order to develop a world class hub for cancer biotherapeutics. Our mission is to improve cancer survival by optimising and personalising radiotherapy.

Our research focus is predicated on the view that cancer cure by radiotherapy can be improved by concentrating on the following core themes:

  • Radiation resistance: To form a detailed mechanistic understanding of the roles of stem-like cancer cells, the tumour microenvironment and DNA damage and repair in clinical radiation resistance.
  • Radiation combinations: To understand the effect of radiotherapy on the immune response in the context of the entire tumour microenvironment with a view to synergistic combination therapies.
  • Targeting and technology: To match actual dose delivery of X-ray, proton or targeted radionuclide therapy to the true potential of radiotherapy technology and to predict and measure the outcome using novel biomarkers in addition to RECIST and survival.

These are supported by, and feed into, two cross-cutting themes:

  • Outcomes and risk prediction: To build a comprehensive platform for radiotherapy data and apply artificial intelligence approaches to interrogate and predict clinical outcomes.
  • Clinical translation: To establish a clinical trials platform, the RadNet Trials Hub, to ensure a strong forward and reverse translational element to every theme, with input from patient and public involvement (PPI) members experienced in radiotherapy trials.

The CRUK CoL RRU forms part of a larger radiation network across the UK, called the CRUK RadNet Centres of Excellence. These include the 1) City of London Centre, 2) Cambridge, 3) ICR & RMH, 4) Glasgow, 5) Leeds, 6) Manchester & 7) Oxford. The Centres of Excellence serves as a platform for wider collaboration and synergy between research groups.


The research project proposals for the Seed Fund should:

  • Address at least one of the above RadNet Themes
  • Utilise at least one of RadNet’s sub-themes:
      • Cancer stem-like cell resistance
      • DNA damage & repair
      • Tumour microenvironment
      • Functional imaging
      • Molecular radiotherapy for children
      • Data Hub & predictive modelling
      • Digital pathology, genomics & AI
      • Clinical translation
  • If possible, the project should include some aspect of in silico analysis. This is due to current wet-bench work restrictions in light of COVID-19 crisis.

Call for applications: 31st March 2020

Application deadline: 15th April 2020

Selection of projects: 23rd April 2020

Project start date: 1st May 2020

Project proposals will be reviewed by a multi-disciplinary, cross-institutional panel to ensure they span the breadth of the City of London Centre RRU and fall within the RadNet research strategy. Projects will be ranked on criteria including scientific quality, strategic relevance and feasibility.

Faculty will be informed if their project will be funded by the end of April 2020.