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Latest publications

New method to reveal proteins that bind to specific RNA regions in living cells described

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CoL Centre faculty: Faraz Mardakheh and Lovorka Stojic

Nature Methods, 16th Jan 2024

Protein degradation by human 20S proteasomes elucidates the interplay between peptide hydrolysis and splicing

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CoL Centre faculty: Michele Mishto

Nature Comms, 7th Feb 2024

High pretreatment disease burden as a risk factor for infectious complications following CD19 chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy for large B-cell lymphoma

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CoL Centre faculty: Claire Roddie

HemaSphere, 26th Jan 2024

mRNA therapy corrects a rare liver genetic disease known as argininosuccinic aciduria (ASA) in a mouse model of the disease by replacing the defective urea cycle gene and restore its function

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CoL Centre faculty:  Timothy H Witney

Science Translational Medicine 10th Jan 2024

Non-coding mutations drive persistence of a founder pre-leukemic clone which initiates late relapse in T-ALL

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CoL Centre faculty:  Marc Mansour, Javier Herrero and David O’Connor

Blood 9th Jan 2024

PD-1 defines a distinct, functional, tissue-adapted state in Vδ1+ T cells with implications for cancer immunotherapy

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CoL Centre faculty:  Adrian Hayday

Nature Cancer, 3rd Jan 2024

An oncogenic phenoscape of colonic stem cell polarization

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CoL Centre faculty:  Chris Tape

Cell 7th Dec 2023

Trellis tree-based analysis reveals stromal regulation of patient-derived organoid drug responses

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CoL Centre faculty:  Chris Tape

Cell 7th Dec 2023

The role of APOBEC3B in lung tumor evolution and targeted cancer therapy resistance

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CoL Centre faculty: Mariam Jamal-Hanjani, Karen H. Vousden, Nicholas McGranahan, Nnennaya Kanu, Charles Swanton

Nature Genetics 4th Dec 2023

Impact of MYC and BCL2 double expression on outcomes in Primary CNS Lymphoma: a UK multicenter analysis

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CoL Centre faculty: Jessica Okosun

Blood advances 1st Dec 2023

Cranial radiotherapy has minimal benefit in children with central nervous system involvement in T-ALL

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CoL Centre faculty: David O’Connor

Blood advances 30th Nov 2023

Mutational signature dynamics shaping the evolution of oesophageal adenocarcinomaNature Comms 15/7/23

Safety and anti-tumour activity of the IgE antibody MOv18 in patients with advanced solid tumours expressing folate receptor-alpha: a phase I trialNature 25/7/23

Extracellular matrix educates an immunoregulatory tumor macrophage phenotype found in ovarian cancer metastasis Nature Comms 05/23

Transcriptional signatures associated with persisting CD19 CAR-T cells in children with leukemiaNature Medicine 6/7/23

AI model predicts if breast cancer will spread based on lymph node changes The Times,  The Independent, The Sun, The Daily Mail, ITV , Sky, The Glasgow Evening Times 26/5/23

A study led by Alan Ramsay reveals that targeting the tumour environment could improve immunotherapy responses for lymphoma patients – JCI 23/5/2023

Victoria Sanz-Moreno’s lab unveils how mitochondrial dynamics control cell migration and suggest that AMPK is a mechano-metabolic sensor linking energetics and the cytoskeleton – Nature 22/5/2023

Computer model reveals how early-stage skin cancer can stay ‘invisible’ to immune cells – Science advances 12/5/23

Bowelbabe will fund the project “Using artificial intelligence and blood tests to detect the earliest signs of cancer” led by  Dr Oleg Blyuss (QMUL)Evening Standard 5/4/2023

eDyNAmiC grand challenge team (including Benjamin Werner and Mariam Jamal-Hanjani): ‘Bond villain’ DNA could transform cancer treatment – The Guardian 18/2/2023

Sergio Quezada and Ido Amit find that Anti-CTLA-4 antibodies drive myeloid activation and reprogram the tumor microenvironment through FcγR engagement and type I interferon signaling Nature 27/10/22

The National Cancer Imaging Translational Accelerator (NCITA) in partnership with the ReIMAGINE Consortium have announced the release of a unique clinical imaging dataset from the Prostate MRI Imaging Study (PROMIS)NCITA, 23/9/22

Personalised and powerful: UK to lead next-generation radiotherapy researchCRUK, 04/11/2019

London experts join forces in ‘grand coalition’ to transform cancer treatment – Evening Standard, 17/09/2018

London biotherapeutics powerhouse launched by Cancer Research UK – PHARMAfield, 17/09/2018

UCL key partner in £14m cancer biotherapeutics research hub – UCL, 17/09/2018

London cancer hub launched by Cancer Research UK – PMLiVE, 18/09/2018

Crick key partner in £14m cancer biotherapeutics research centre – The Francis Crick Institute, 18/09/2018

King’s College London to be part of cancer funding boost – National Institute for Health Research, 18/09/2018

Cancer treatment to be revolutionised at new multi-million pound research hub – King’s College London, 20/09/2018

Cancer Research UK unveils CRUK City of London Centre – Zenopa, 25/09/2018