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Latest publications

Risk-Adapted Breast Screening for Women at Low Predicted Risk of Breast Cancer: An Online Discrete Choice Experiment

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Jo Waller and Suzanne Scott

Med Decis Making, Jun 2024

Awareness and knowledge about HPV and primary HPV screening among women in Great Britain: An online population-based survey

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Jo Waller

J Med Screen, Jun 2024

Patient Specific Colorectal Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Modulate Tumour Microenvironment Mechanics

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Umber Cheema

Cell, 20th May 2024

Palmitoyl transferase ZDHHC20 promotes pancreatic cancer metastasis

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Julian Downward

Cell reports, 15th May 2024

Loss of POLE3-POLE4 unleashes replicative gap accumulation upon treatment with PARP inhibitors

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Roberto Bellelli

Cell reports, 15th May 2024

Considerations for using potential surrogate endpoints in cancer screening trials

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Peter Sasieni

Lancet Oncology, 5th May 2024

Risk of T-cell Malignancy Following CAR T cells in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Sara Ghorashian

Blood Advances, 3rd May 2024

Hematopoietic stem cell quiescence and DNA replication dynamics maintained by the resilient β-catenin/Hoxa9/Prmt1 axis

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Eric So

Blood, 18th April 2024

Mutations in the splicing factor SF3B1 are linked to frequent emergence of HLA-DRlow/neg monocytes in lower-risk myelodysplastic neoplasms

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Shahram Kordasti

Nature, 17th April 2024

Spatial Architecture of Myeloid and T Cells Orchestrates Immune Evasion and Clinical Outcome in Lung Cancer

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Kristiana Grigoriadis, Allan Hackshaw, Mariam Jamal-Hanjani, Nicholas McGranahan, James L Reading, Sergio A Quezada, Crispin T Hiley, Julian Downward, Erik Sahai, Charles Swanton

Cancer Discovery, 6th April 2024

Versican associates with tumour immune phenotype and limits T cell trafficking via chondroitin sulfate

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Oliver Pearce

AACR Journals, 22nd March 2024

Drug-resistant EGFR mutations promote lung cancer by stabilizing interfaces in ligand-free kinase-active EGFR oligomers

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Gilbert O. Fruhwirth and Peter Parker

Nature Comms, 19th March 2024

Metabolic priming by multiple enzyme systems supports glycolysis, HIF1α stabilisation, and human cancer cell survival in early hypoxia

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Dimitrios Anastasiou

EMBO journal, 14th March 2024

Noncoding mutations drive persistence of a founder preleukemic clone which initiates late relapse in T-ALL

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: David O’Connor and Marc Mansour

Blood, 7th March 2024

ZAP-70 augments tonic B-cell receptor and CCR7 signaling in IGHV–unmutated chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Ingo Ringshausen

Blood Advances, 1st March 2024

Nilotinib in KIT-driven advanced melanoma: Results from the phase II single-arm NICAM trial

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Samra Turajlic

Cell reports Medicine, 27th February 2024

Apparent RNA bridging between PRC2 and chromatin is an artifact of non-specific chromatin precipitation upon RNA degradation

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Richard Jenner

Cell reports, 27th February 2024

Protein degradation by human 20S proteasomes elucidates the interplay between peptide hydrolysis and splicing

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Michele Mishto

Nature Comms, 7th Feb 2024

Deep Learning Enables Spatial Mapping of the Mosaic Microenvironment of Myeloma Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsies

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Lydia Lee, Manuel Rodriguez-Justo, Kwee Yong

Cancer Research, 1st Feb 2024

High pretreatment disease burden as a risk factor for infectious complications following CD19 chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy for large B-cell lymphoma

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Claire Roddie

HemaSphere, 26th Jan 2024

New method to reveal proteins that bind to specific RNA regions in living cells described

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Faraz Mardakheh and Lovorka Stojic

Nature Methods, 16th Jan 2024

mRNA therapy corrects a rare liver genetic disease known as argininosuccinic aciduria (ASA) in a mouse model of the disease by replacing the defective urea cycle gene and restore its function

Full details

CoL Centre faculty:  Timothy H Witney

Science Translational Medicine 10th Jan 2024

Non-coding mutations drive persistence of a founder pre-leukemic clone which initiates late relapse in T-ALL

Full details

CoL Centre faculty:  Marc Mansour, Javier Herrero and David O’Connor

Blood 9th Jan 2024

PD-1 defines a distinct, functional, tissue-adapted state in Vδ1+ T cells with implications for cancer immunotherapy

Full details

CoL Centre faculty:  Adrian Hayday and Yin Wu

Nature Cancer, 3rd Jan 2024

An oncogenic phenoscape of colonic stem cell polarization

Full details

CoL Centre faculty:  Chris Tape

Cell 7th Dec 2023

Trellis tree-based analysis reveals stromal regulation of patient-derived organoid drug responses

Full details

CoL Centre faculty:  Chris Tape

Cell 7th Dec 2023

The role of APOBEC3B in lung tumor evolution and targeted cancer therapy resistance

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Mariam Jamal-Hanjani, Karen H. Vousden, Nicholas McGranahan, Nnennaya Kanu, Charles Swanton

Nature Genetics 4th Dec 2023

Impact of MYC and BCL2 double expression on outcomes in Primary CNS Lymphoma: a UK multicenter analysis

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: Jessica Okosun

Blood advances 1st Dec 2023

Cranial radiotherapy has minimal benefit in children with central nervous system involvement in T-ALL

Full details

CoL Centre faculty: David O’Connor

Blood advances 30th Nov 2023

Mutational signature dynamics shaping the evolution of oesophageal adenocarcinomaNature Comms 15/7/23

Safety and anti-tumour activity of the IgE antibody MOv18 in patients with advanced solid tumours expressing folate receptor-alpha: a phase I trialNature 25/7/23

Extracellular matrix educates an immunoregulatory tumor macrophage phenotype found in ovarian cancer metastasis Nature Comms 05/23

Transcriptional signatures associated with persisting CD19 CAR-T cells in children with leukemiaNature Medicine 6/7/23

AI model predicts if breast cancer will spread based on lymph node changes The Times,  The Independent, The Sun, The Daily Mail, ITV , Sky, The Glasgow Evening Times 26/5/23

A study led by Alan Ramsay reveals that targeting the tumour environment could improve immunotherapy responses for lymphoma patients – JCI 23/5/2023

Victoria Sanz-Moreno’s lab unveils how mitochondrial dynamics control cell migration and suggest that AMPK is a mechano-metabolic sensor linking energetics and the cytoskeleton – Nature 22/5/2023

Computer model reveals how early-stage skin cancer can stay ‘invisible’ to immune cells – Science advances 12/5/23

Bowelbabe will fund the project “Using artificial intelligence and blood tests to detect the earliest signs of cancer” led by  Dr Oleg Blyuss (QMUL)Evening Standard 5/4/2023

eDyNAmiC grand challenge team (including Benjamin Werner and Mariam Jamal-Hanjani): ‘Bond villain’ DNA could transform cancer treatment – The Guardian 18/2/2023

Sergio Quezada and Ido Amit find that Anti-CTLA-4 antibodies drive myeloid activation and reprogram the tumor microenvironment through FcγR engagement and type I interferon signaling Nature 27/10/22

The National Cancer Imaging Translational Accelerator (NCITA) in partnership with the ReIMAGINE Consortium have announced the release of a unique clinical imaging dataset from the Prostate MRI Imaging Study (PROMIS)NCITA, 23/9/22

Personalised and powerful: UK to lead next-generation radiotherapy researchCRUK, 04/11/2019

London experts join forces in ‘grand coalition’ to transform cancer treatment – Evening Standard, 17/09/2018

London biotherapeutics powerhouse launched by Cancer Research UK – PHARMAfield, 17/09/2018

UCL key partner in £14m cancer biotherapeutics research hub – UCL, 17/09/2018

London cancer hub launched by Cancer Research UK – PMLiVE, 18/09/2018

Crick key partner in £14m cancer biotherapeutics research centre – The Francis Crick Institute, 18/09/2018

King’s College London to be part of cancer funding boost – National Institute for Health Research, 18/09/2018

Cancer treatment to be revolutionised at new multi-million pound research hub – King’s College London, 20/09/2018

Cancer Research UK unveils CRUK City of London Centre – Zenopa, 25/09/2018