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Adult Cancer Researchers

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There are currently 24 names in this directory beginning with the letter P.
Pablo Rodriguez-Viciana

Paola Scaffidi

Paolo Gallipoli

Patricia Barral

Patrick Hales

Paul Barber

Paul Fields

Paul Maciocia

Paul Ross

Paulo Baptista Ribeiro

Pedro Rodriguez Cutillas

Persis Amrolia
UCL | | 020 7905 2289

Peter Parker
Deputy Director of the integrated Cancer Centre (ICC), Head of the Division of Cancer Studies at Kings College London | | 020 7848 8301

Peter Ratcliffe

Peter Sasieni
KCL | CPTU Director |

Peter Schmid

Peter Szlosarek

Peter Van Loo

Philip Blower
KCL | | 020 7188 9513

Philip Luthert

Piers Patten

Prabhakar Rajan

Prokar Dasgupta