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Paediatric Cancer Researchers

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There are currently 35 names in this directory
Adrian Thrasher | UCLgene-modified cell therapy | website

Asim Khwaja | UCL | Leukemia biology in particular AML | website

Darren Hargrave | UCL | biology malignant glioma, novel imaging techniques, development targeted therapies | website

David Michod | UCL | childhood gliomas, epigenetics | website

David O' Connor
david.o' | UCL | childhood leukemia biology | website

Denise Sheer | QMUL | Molecular pathology of brain tumours, cancer genetics and epigenetics | website

Dominique Bonnet | Crick leukaemia, stem cells | website

Jack Bartram | UCL | biology in particular infant ALL | website

Jasper de Boer | UCL | Targeted therapies using drug repurposing | website

Jeff Davies | QMUL GVHD, alloanergisation | website

John Anderson | UCL Gene modified cell therapy | website

Jonathan Fisher

JP Martinez-Barbera | UCL senescence in paediatric brain and pituitary tumours, senolytics | website

Karin Straathof | UCL | T-cell immunotherapy (CAR, BiTE), childhood solids tumours including brain tumours and neuroblastoma, tumour immune environment | website

Kathy Pritchard | UCL | childhood renal tumours, cancer surveillance and prevention | website

Laura Donovan

Marc Mansour | UCL (T-cell) leukemia biology | website

Mark Gaze | UCL | (molecular) radiotherapy | website

Martin Pule

Michelle Lockley | QMUL | germ cell tumours and ovarian tumours in teenage and young adult patients | website

Owen Williams UCL | leukaemia, transcriptional deregulation, novel drugs | website

Patrick Hales

Persis Amrolia | UCL | CAR T-cell therapy, acute leukemia | website

Prabhakar Rajan | QMUL | Male germ cell tumours | website

Robert Carr | KCL | consultant Haematologist and clinical lead for young adult cancer - AML, NHL | website

Ron Chakraverty | UCL | GVHD, GVL | website

Sam Behjati

Sandra Strauss | UCL | adolescent/young adult sarcoma | website 

Sara Ghorashian | UCL | CAR T cell therapy for haematological malignancies, T cell immunobiology, tumour immune environment | website

Scott Haston | UCL | website

Silvia Marino

Stephanie Kermorgant | QMUL c-Met, childhood hepatocarcinoma, childhood glioma, childhood sarcoma | website

Tariq Enver | UCL Leukaemia radiotherapy | website

Tom Jacques | UCL | molecular pathology of brain tumours, cancer genetics and epigenetics | website

Waseem Qasim | UCL | gene-modified cell therapy | website