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For students embarking on their research career
Applications for 2022 PhD studentships will open early in 2022.

The PhD programme

PhD students, funded by the CoL Centre or RadNet, will follow the four-year version of the CRUK CoL PhD training programme. Although based in their primary supervisor’s research group, students will have the opportunity to work across the centre, for example when carrying out their research placements or accessing the Centre’s infrastructure cores.

The programme will begin with an induction programme introducing students to the Centre, the training programme, their university of registration and to carrying out a PhD. Trainees will submit reports, give talks and meet with their thesis committees at specific points on the programme and be able to access a vast range of scientific and transferable skills training via the Centre partners and beyond. Early on in the programme, students will work with their supervisors to develop a customised training plan that is tailored to the student’s background and project requirements, and which includes multi-disciplinary skills training and three two-month research placement(s) with other groups in the Centre.

Supervisors, PhD registration and studentships

PhD students following the four-year CRUK CoL PhD training programme will be based in their primary supervisor’s research group, and have a secondary supervisor from one of the Centre’s other institutions. Students will register for their PhD at the primary supervisor’s university, or the secondary supervisor’s university if the primary supervisor is based at the Crick. All students will have a three-person thesis committee made up of Centre faculty, that they will meet with regularly to discuss progress and receive guidance and advice. Successful candidates will receive a £21,000 tax-free student stipend (living allowance) per year for 4 years plus payment of university tuition fees.


The funding for this studentship covers students with UK home tuition fee status only. For more information on home tuition fee status please visit the UKCISA website. Please note that we will only be able to offer studentships to candidates that have UK home tuition fee status or provide evidence that they can fund the international portion of the tuition fee from external sources (i.e. not self-funded).

The standard CoL PhD programme and studentship academic eligibility criteria are:
A first/upper second-class honours degree (or equivalent from a non-UK university) in a relevant subject.
Appropriate research experience as part of, or outside of, an undergraduate or masters degree course in a relevant subject.
Appropriate English language skills.

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