Cross-cutting theme: Paediatric

Addressing the unmet need of childhood cancer

A cross-cutting theme for the Centre is on childhood cancers, aiming to maximise survival outcomes, quality of life and minimise late toxicity. Haematological and neural malignancies will be prioritised, and linked into their counterpart adult programmes. This theme is supported by two brain tumour charity centres as well as the CRUK Accelerator for Neuro-oncology. Moreover, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) /UCL Great Ormond St Institute of Child Health (UCLH) and the clinical infrastructure of the Paediatric Cancer Centre are uniquely placed for translational impact:

  • GOSH/ICH haemato-oncology treats 25% of UK paediatric cancers
  • ICH is a leader in paediatric biotherapeutics and early-phase trials
  • GOSH/ICH has pioneered novel biological therapies
    • gene therapy for immunodeficiencies
    • gene-modified T cell therapies for ALL and solid malignancies (3 trials ongoing) – first-in-human genome editing.
    • ICH leads INSTINCT – the National Programme in targeted therapies for children
    • The paediatric-focused UCLH-Proton Beam Therapy facility spearheads children’s precision radiotherapy
    • The UCLH Teenage and Young Adult Cancer clinical service
    • The Centre catchment area will see the highest birth rates in London

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Cross-cutting theme: Paediatric