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Cross Disciplinary Approaches

The Centre will use its cross-disciplinary strengths (engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics) to maximise the impact of biological therapies.

Faculty linked to this programme will explore responses to biological therapies in a manner analogous to pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies of small molecule- based therapies, using advanced imaging to track (pharmacokinetics) and quantify the impact (pharmacodynamics) of biological therapies, thereby increasing our understanding of the immune-tumour interaction and enhancing the delivery and efficacy of biological therapies. 

This programme explores how biotherapeutics may be optimally combined with other precision approaches including new classes of spatially targeted and image-guided physical therapies, (e.g. radiation and small molecules) administered either in combination or in sequence, in order to thwart tumour clonal dynamics and evolution. 

Supporting this endeavour are our cross-disciplinary strengths in laboratory and medical imaging. The Centre will integrate the broad range of therapies in development that can destroy cancer cells with spatial precision (proton beam therapy, high intensity focused ultrasound and molecular radiotherapy, or via interstitial application such as vascular targeted phototherapy, irreversible electroporation and cryoablation).