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Developing Biological Therapies

The Centre will increase understanding about mechanisms of response, toxicity and treatment resistance as well as develop scientific rationales for combination therapies.

The CoL Centre is one of the largest immune-oncology translational programmes in Europe focused on targeting a dynamic and unstable tumour genome and its active reprogramming of the TME. The clinical success of novel immunotherapies has driven the development of a growing pipeline of biotherapeutics and novel combination approaches in clinical and pre-clinical settings. There are consequently a growing number of questions associated with mechanisms determining response, toxicity and resistance to therapy, biologically directed immunotherapy combinations and an opportunity to understand and manipulate the immune response to cancer.

Programme 1 investigates the tumour microenvironment (TME) to delineate the rules of engagement between immune and cancer cells and importantly to inform mechanisms influencing response and resistance to novel therapies in early phase trials. This will capture the full evolving spectrum of TME development from a pre-cancerous/inflammatory state through to advanced disease.